Camera Options

Vision Link has a number of different camera options because each installation and customer requirement can be different.

Twin Head Camera Systems

Vision Link systems can support twin camera heads. This allows two camera heads to operate from the same GSM interface. Camera heads can be mounted on the same pole or independently using Vision Link’s CAT5 driver.

Pan & Tilt with IR Illumination

Vision Link have developed their own solar powered pan and tilt system that fully integrates with the GSM camera interface. This allows the system to move the camera head to different preset locations providing flexibility and greater coverage in one location.

High Speed CAT5 Driver

In certain locations, two separate camera heads will be required for site monitoring. A CAT5 driver delivers a hard-wired network style interface for two individual camera heads connecting to a single GSM interface.

Automatic Wiper

The Vision Link CCTV Wiper will automatically clean the lens before each image is taken. These can be used with the standalone pole mount systems and solar assisted pan and tilt units.